Apr 18, 2014

Re-upload by request: Teaze - One Night Stands (1979)

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The story of Teaze is one of unbridled success in foreign lands, yet often a constant struggle for mere recognition on their native soil. Formed in 1975 by Brian Danter on bass guitar and vocals and Marc Bradac on guitars in Windsor, Ontario, the group also consisted of Mike Kozak on drums and guitarist Chuck Price. Powered by a heavy but no-nonsense approach, dinghy bars and crowded nightclubs served as the group's backdrop for the next couple of years, all the while honing their sound, but never really gaining a substantial following with the local crowds. Read more
1. Back In Action
2. Young And Reckless

3. Heartless World
4. Boys Night Out
5. Through The Years
6. Reach Out
7. Stay Here
8. Red Hot Ready
9. Touch The Wind

Marc Bradac - lead and slide guitar, background vocals
Brian Danter - lead vocals, bass guitar, Moog bass pedals
Mike Kozak - drums, percussion
Chuck Price - guitar, background vocals


Apr 10, 2014

Re-upload by request: Stray - Stray 10 (2001)

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1. The Rock
2. Home
3. On Top Of The World
4. The Dogs
5. Earth

6. The Greasy Pole
7. Cross Country

8. Sleepy Time Blues
9. Lucky Man
10. Georgia
11. Alone Again
12. Years?


Del Bromham - guitars, keyboards, vocals
John Bootle - bass
Paul Watson - drums


Apr 9, 2014

Dr. Feelgood - Let It Roll (1979)

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1. Java Blue
2. Feels Good
3. Put Him Out Of Your Mind
4. Bend Your Ear
5. Hong Kong Money
6. Keeka Smeeka
7. Shotgun Blues
8. Pretty Face
9. Riding On The L. & N.
10. Drop Everything And Run


Apr 8, 2014

Re-upload by request: Lord - Örökké (2010)

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1. Más az élet
2. Neked soha nem elég
3. Lépjük át a múltat
4. A múlt megtalál
5. Félve, de élek
6. Próbáld meg újra!
7. Engem ne várjatok!
8. Adj egy félórát!
9. Hívnak a fények
10. Képzeld el!
11. Örökké
12. Játszom, amíg élek
13. Ne hazudj szépet!

Pohl Mihály - ének
Erős Attila - szólógitár
Gidófalvy Attila - billentyűs hangszerek
Gyurik Lajos - dob
Apró Károly - basszusgitár


Apr 6, 2014

Re-upload by request: Color - Új színek (1982)

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Color were founded in 1975 in Debrecen, Hungary by Gyula Bokor (keys), Tibor Bokor (bass, vocal), Attila Bokor (drum, vocal). Attila and Tibor were students of Medical University of Debrecen.
Later, in 1976 Laszlo Polya (guitar) and Emil Lamer (cello) joined.
Their first album was released in 1978. It was the first symphonic rock style album in Hungary.
Their style was unique, with cello, rich polyphonic vocal, plenty of mellotron. They were influnced by Pink Floyd, BJH, Genesis, but their style was original.
The guitarist and cellist left the group in 1979. The new guitarist, Miklos Felkai joined at the end of 1979.
Their second album was released in 1982, named Új Színek (New colours). On this album, they changed, the music became rather simplier Aor-ish rock, in the vein of Saga and Styx.
The younger brother Attila Bokor left the group in 1983. In 1984, they did the third album, but this di not get released until 1999, as a bonus and reissue of second album.
1. Az orvos válaszol
2. Meséltél
3. Féltelek
4. Elvesz a Föld
5. Segíts!
6. Bűvös kocka
7. Arról jöttem én
8. Úgy kell
9. Nyár
10. Jöhet egy új felvonás
            Bónusz dalok:            
11. Forróvérű vagy
12. Soha nem kértem kegyelmet
13. A legkisebb fiú
14. Hé, lány, olyan szexi vagy
15. Meggyógyulsz, tudom
16. Narancsszínű kép
17. Élek
18. Jön még...

Bokor Tibor - ének, mellotron, basszusgitár, akusztikus gitár (1-18)
Bokor Gyula - ének, billentyűs hangszerek, csemballó (1-18)
Bokor Attila - ének, gong, harangjáték, dob (1-10)
Felkai Miklós - gitár (1-18)


Re-post: Blue Cheer - Highlights And Lowlives (1990)

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1. Urban Soliders
2. Hunter Of Love
3. Girl From London
4. Blue Steel Dues
5. Big Trouble In Paradise
6. Flight Of The Enola Gay
7. Hoochie Coochie Man
8. Down And Dirty
9. Blues Cadillac

Dickie Peterson - bass, vocals
Andrew 'Duck' McDonald - guitar
Paul Whaley - drums


Mar 23, 2014

Re-upload by request: Earth And Fire - Earth And Fire (1970)

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This top notch Dutch band from The Hague had their pinnacle during the early Seventies when they delivered some outstanding 24 carat symphonic rock albums. EARTH & FIRE was founded by the twin brothers Chris (guitar) and Gerard (keyboards) Koerts in '68. Soon bass player Hans Ziech, drummer Kees Kalis and singer Lisette joined them. Unfortunately Lisette had to give up singing because of a serious eye-disease and Kees Kalis left. They were replaced by Ton v/d Kley and the beautiful, very sexy Jerney Kaagman. She was a discovery by GOLDEN EARRING singer Barry Hay, they knew each other from the blossoming rock scene in The Hague. Read more
1. Wild And Exciting
2. Twilight Dreamer
3. Ruby Is The One
4. You Know The Way
5. Vivid Shady Land
6. 21st Century Show
7. Seasons
8. Love Quivers
9. What's Your Name
Bonus tracks:
10. Hazy Paradise
11. Mechanical Lover

Jerney Kaagman - lead vocals
Ton van de Kleij - drums
Chris Koerts - guitar
Gerard Koerts - guitar, keyboards
Hans Ziech - bass