Jan 26, 2015

Crazy Horse - Crazy Moon (1978) [Re-post by request}

Review by William Ruhlmann (allmusic.com):
Six years went by between the release of Crazy Horse's third album, At Crooked Lake, and its fourth, Crazy Moon, and a lot of water went under the bridge in the meantime. Crazy Horse was, in effect, three different bands on its first three albums because the only constants were bassist Billy Talbot and drummer Ralph Molina as lead singers, songwriters, guitarists, and keyboardists came and went. The band name seemed to be retired by 1973, but in 1974 Talbot and Molina hooked up with singer/guitarist Frank Sampedro as Crazy Horse, leading to sessions with their erstwhile employer Neil Young that resulted in the Young/Crazy Horse album Zuma. Read more
1. She's Hot
2. Downhill
3. Going Down Again
4. Thunder & Lightning
5. New Orleans
6. That Day
7. Lost And Lonely Feelin'
8. End Of The Line
9. Dancin' Lady
10. Love Don't Come Easy
11. Too Late Now
Bonus tracks:
Crazy Horse (1972)
12. Lady Soul
13. Rock And Roll Band
The Rockets (1968)
14. Pills Blues
15. Let Me Go
16. Stretch Your Skin
17. Won't You Say You'll Stay
18. Mr. Chips

Frank "Poncho" Sampedro - vocals, guitars, harmonica & wurlitzer on "Lost and Lonely Feeling"
Billy Talbot - vocals, bass
Ralph Molina - vocals, drums, acoustic guitar on "Love Don't Come Easy"
Barry Goldberg - piano, organ

Additional personnel:
Neil Young - guitar on "She's Hot", "Going Down Again", "New Orleans", "Downhill", and "Thunder and Lightning"
Bobby Notkoff - violin on "Dancin' Lady"
Jay Graydon - electric guitar on "That Day" and "End Of The Line"
Ben Keith - pedal steel on "Lost and Lonely Feeling"
Greg Leroy - slide guitar on "Lost and Lonely Feeling", "Love Don't Come Easy", and "Too Late Now"
Kirby Johnson - piano on "End Of The Line"
Michael Curtis - synthesizer on "That Day"
Michael Kowalski - drums on "Love Don't Come Easy"
The East L.A. Horns: Steve Lawrence, Tom Brey, and Kenny Walther -
horns on "Thunder and Lightning" and "Love Don't Come Easy"

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Jan 25, 2015

Frank van der Kloot - Fontessa (LP-rip, 1976)

Frank van der Kloot started his musical career in a band called Bobby's Children. He played with them from 1971 until 1972. He then formed the band Drama with whom he recorded an album.
In 1973 he formed his own band Fontessa, together with the Drama drummer Shel Schellekens. In 1974 they recorded an album and a year later a single was released, A look in your eyes/Where have you been.
After the decline of Fontessa Van de Kloot recorded a solo album, in 1976, also titled Fontessa.
Then, in 1978, a second sollo album is released.
A1. Old Friends
A2. In The Cool Of The Night I
A3. In The Cool Of The Night II
A4. Take It Easy
A5. Finale
B1. Dedicated To...
B2. Stress
B3. Heaven Is Across The Street I
B4. Heaven Is Across The Street II
B5. Heaven Is Across The Street III

Frank van der Kloot - guitar, vocals
Paul Heppener - bass
Otto Cooymans - Fender piano, organ, synthesizer
James Batton - vocals, synthesizer, Fender piano
Paul van Wageningen - drums

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Jan 20, 2015

Firefall - Firefall (1976)


1. It Doesn't Matter
2. Love Isn't All
3. Livin' Ain't Livin'
4. No Way Out
5. Dolphin's Lullaby
6. Cinderella
7. Sad Ol' Love Song
8. You Are The Woman

9. Mexico
10. Do What You Want

Mark Andes - bass
Jock Bartley - lead, electric, slide & acoustic guitars
Larry Burnett - electric & acoustic rhythm guitars, vocals
Michael Clarke - drums
Rick Roberts - acoustic guitars, vocals

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Jan 18, 2015

Epsilon - Move On (1972)

 Epsilon biography (progarchives.com):
Formed by members of Orange Peel and Nosferatu (the vocalist / guitarist Michael Winzkowski), the band Epsilon published three LPs between 1971 and 1974. Their self title can be considered as their best, a nicely varied and achieved combination between heavy blues rockin' sections and coherent progressive skills. Their second "Move on" (1971) represents a more mainstream rock album with a few enjoyable moments. With the album "Epsilon off" (1975) the band turn to a straight heavy rockin' trip in a typical 70s style.

1. Walkin' On My Way

2. She Belongs To Me
3. Feelings
4. What About The Future
5. Move On
6. Reichelsheim
7. Hear Me Cryin'
8. Waiting
9. Don't Know Why

Michael Winzkowski - vocals, guitars, percussion
Michael Ertl - bass
Hartmut Pfannmüller - drums, percussion
Walter Ortel - organ, pianos, vocals, percussion

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Jan 17, 2015

The Hep Stars - It's Been A Long Long Time (1968)

Recorded in London November/December 1967 on the Cupol label. This album was meant to be The Hep Stars breakthrough abroad. It was recorded in a London studio with just Sven Hedlund, Benny Andersson, Lennart Fernholm (the "sixth member" of The Hep Stars) and a couple of studiomusicians. The LP was named after the song It´s been a long long time written by Benny Andersson and the Swedish songwriter Lasse Berghagen.
1. Enter The Young
2. Hope
3. 5 A.M.
4. It's Time For A Change
5. Changing Away from You
6. It's Been A Long Long Time
7. Musty Dusty
8. Spining, Spinning, Spinning
9. There Is Love
10. Would You Like To Go
11. It's Now Winter's Day
12. Another Time
Bonus tracks:
13. Sagan Om Lilla Sofa
14. Det Finns En Stad

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Jan 16, 2015

Dr. Feelgood - Sneakin' Suspicion (1977) [Re-post by request]

"Sneakin' Suspicion" was the fourth album by Dr. Feelgood, and was released in 1977. During recording of Sneakin' Suspicion, the band were dealt a potentially fatal blow with the departure of guitarist, co-writer and focal point, Wilko. The album reached number 10 in the UK Albums Chart in June 1977, and remained in that chart for six weeks. It also spawned their first single to enter the corresponding UK Singles Chart - "Sneakin' Suspicion".
Despite its thriving British success, Dr. Feelgood was unable to find an audience in the United States. After Sneakin' Suspicion they never released another record in the U.S.

1. Sneakin' Suspicion
2. Paradise
3. Nothin' Shakin' (But The Leaves On The Trees)
4. Time And The Devil
5. Lights Out
6. Lucky Seven
7. All My Love
8. You'll Be Mine
9. Walking On The Edge
10. Hey Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut

Wilko Johnson - guitar, backing vocals
Lee Brilleaux - vocals, guitar, harmonica, slide guitar
John B. Sparks - bass guitar, backing vocals
The Big Figure - drums, percusion, backing vocals
Tim Hinkley - keyboards

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Jan 15, 2015

Firefall - Undertow (1980 / 1995)


1. Love That Got Away
2. Headed For A Fall
3. Only Time Will Tell
4. Laugh Or Cry
5. Stardust

6. If You Only Knew
7. Some Things Never Change
8. Business Is Business
9. Leave It Alone
10. Undertow
Bonus tracks:
11. Just What You Need
12. Crying In The Night
13. Lips

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