Oct 28, 2010

Dr. Hook - Sloppy Seconds (1972)

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1. Freakin' At The Freakers Ball
2. If I'd Only Come And Gone
3. Carry Me, Carrie
4. The Things I Didn't Say
5. Get My Rocks Off
6. Last Mornin'
7. I Can't Touch The Sun
8. Queen Of The Silver Dollar
9. Turn Off The World
10.Stayin' Song
11.Cover Of The Rolling Stone
12.Lookin' For Pussy

The band:
Dennis Locorriere - lead vocal, lead guitar
Ray Sawyer - lead vocal
George Cummings - hawaiian steel guitar, electric guitar, vocal
Jay David - drums, vocal
Bill Francis - keyboard, vocal
Rik Elswit - rhythm guitar
Jance Garfat - bass

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hanalex said...

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Eric said...

Thank you hanalex, nice to upgrade from my old vinyl versions.

Anonymous said...

Hi hanalex,

Could you please update the download links as megaupload is no longer available.


hanalex said...

New link:

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Thank you hanalex for the re-post.