Nov 28, 2010

Argent - Counterpoints (1975, vynil rip)

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"Counterpoints" is a 1975 album and the seventh released by Argent.

1. On My Feet Again
2. I Can't Remember, But Yes
3. Time
4. Waiting For The Yellow One
5. It's Off
6. Be Strong
7. Rock & Roll Show
8. Butterfly
9. Road Back Home

Rod Argent - keyboards, vocals
John Grimaldi - lead guitar, cello, violin, mandolin
Bob Henrit - drums
Jim Rodford - bass
John Verity - rhythm guitar, bass, vocals

P/w: hanalex

1 comment:

Keith said...

Wow! Thanks for that. A really good vinyl rip. In fact, I'd never have known it was from vinyl. I made my own from a tape awhile back and it was nowhere neear as good as this and an mp3 I found was also quite poor. I saw Argent at the time this album was out and it has always been a favourite although I know it is not the usual Argent fan's album of choice.