Nov 14, 2010

Cockney Rebel - The Human Menagerie (1973)

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 314 mb+3% recovery

Cockney Rebel's debut album. Contains the original single release of "Judy Teen" and the B side of the "Sebastian" single.
1. Hideaway
2. What Ruthy Said
3. Loretta's Tale
4. Crazy Raver
5. Sebastian
6. Mirror Freak
7. My Only Vice (Is The Fantastic Prices I Charge For Being Eaten Alive)
8. Muriel The Actor
9. Chameleon
10. Death Trip
Bonus tracks:
11. Judy Teen
12. Rock And Roll Parade

Steve Harley - vocals
Stuart Elliot - percussion
Paul Jeffreys - Fender bass
Milton Reame-James - keyboards
Jean-Paul Crocker - electric violin, mandolin & guitar

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hanalex said...

Download link:
P/w: hanalex

Anonymous said...

Couldn't be bothered to separate the tracks? Really???

hanalex said...

Why is it necessary?

apf said...

Great gift! Thank you so much!