Dec 6, 2010

Birth Control - Hoodoo Man (1973) [5 bonus tracks, remaster 2005]

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BIRTH CONTROL were formed at the end of sixties. In those early years they played hybrid jazz rock compositions, mainly instrumental. They recorded their first album for Metronome bringing to the fore an accent for humour and provoking thoughts (the name of the band and the album cover illustrate it as well). Their second album "Operation" shows a great improvement in sound, a kind of heavy rock based sound with subtle jazzy arrangements. This album had a great success for the Ohr label (specialised to promote the rise of the German underground rock scene). In 1972, "Believe InThe Pill" was also released for Ohr. After several replacements, the quintet recorded "Rebirth", a progressive heavy rock album. In 1976, "Blackdoor Possibilities" was a commercial failure due to a more mainstream sound and the inclusion of more jazz elements. "Increase" recorded in 1977 marked a return to the hard rock source. BIRTH CONTROL come back to light in the 90s for many reunion albums as "Jungle Life" or "Two Worlds".
Philippe Blache, France
3.Get Down To Your Fate
4.Gamma Ray
5.Hoodoo Man
Bonus tracks:
7. Nostalgia
8. Gamma Ray, Part 1 (Single A-Side)
9. Gamma Ray, Part 2 (Single B-Side)
Special bonus:
10. Hope (Live)
11. Shes Got Nothing On You (Live)

Bruno Frenzel - guitar, vocals
Bernd Koschmidder - bass
Wolfgang Neuser - keyboards, vibraphone
Bernd Noske - drums, percussion, vocals


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