Dec 9, 2010

Caravan - Blind Dog At St. Dunstan's (1976)

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Canterbury Scene rock  band Caravan released Blind Dog at St. Dunstan's in 1976, their 7th studio album.
This album has a lighter feel than Caravan's previous releases, shifting toward shorter 'poppier' songs. This is in part because Pye Hastings became the major force on the album, writing and singing on 8 out of 9 songs and also because Jan Schelhaas replaced Dave Sinclair on keyboards, moving away from lengthy organ-based instrumentals toward piano and synthesizer.
1. Here Am I
2. Chiefs And Indians
3. Very Smelly, Grubby Little Oik
4. Bobbing Wide
5. Come On Back
6. Oik (Reprise)
7. Jack And Jill
8. Can You Hear Me?
9. All The Way

Richard Coughlan - drums
Mike Wedgwood - bass, congas, vocals
Pye Hastings - electric & acoustic guitars, vocals
Geoffrey Richardson - viola, electric guitar, flute, night-shift whistle
Jan Schelhaas - electric piano, clavinet D6, ARP string ensemble, mini-Moog, organ

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Eric said...

Hi Alex, I thank you for the upgrade on this old favorite.
I bought it in vinyl for 59 cents sealed many yrs. ago.
Those were the days...