Dec 21, 2010

Cry Of Love - Diamonds & Debris (1997)

Cry Of Love was an American rock band formed in 1991 in Raleigh, North Carolina. The group released their debut album in 1993 (Brother), produced by John Custer before playing the Monsters of Rock festival the following year. They scored a number-one hit on Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart with "Peace Pipe" in 1993. After this show, their frontman, Kelly Holland left the group.
Robert Mason was recruited as Holland's replacement some three years later. Together they recorded a new album in 1997 (Diamonds & Debris), but the band split shortly afterwards.
Former band member Audley Freed was recruited to the Black Crowes in 1998, and he played with the band until October of 2001. He also played on Crowes' lead singer Chris Robinson's second solo album in 2004, and on the subsequent tour.
1. Empty Castle
2. Hung Out To Dry
3. Sugarcane
4. Fire In The Dry Grass
5. Georgia Pine
6. Warm River Pearl
7. Sweet Mary's Gone
8. Revelation (Rattlesnakes & Queens)
9. Bring Me My Burden
10. Sunday Morning Flood
11. Diamonds & Debris
12. Hung Out Redux
13. Garden Of Memories

Audley Freed - guitar
Robert Kearns - bass
Jason Patterson - drums & percussion
Robert Mason - vocals

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