Dec 20, 2010

Damage Control - Raw (2008)

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Formed in 2006, Damage Control were put together by three veterans of the UK Hard Rock scene, namely vocalist / guitarist Robin George (solo artist, Phil Lynott, David Byron, Magnum), bassist Pete Way (UFO, Waysted) and drummer Chris Slade (Asia, AC/DC, Uriah Heep). Raw marked the trio's debut album and now receives a re-release via specialist label Angel Air, whose catalogue boasts a treasure trove of long forgotten gems. The songs here are slick and melodic with their roots heavily in the blues rock scene of the 70's where all three first plied their trade. George delivers some polished solos and riffs and his earthy vocal delivery perfectly suits the vibe with Way and Slade laying down a solid groove and they strike a good balance between up-tempo rockers, ballads and moody blues tunes of which "One Step Closer" provides a real highlight.
1. Raw
2. Alice
3. Savage Song
4. Damage Control
5. One Step Closer
6. Selfish
7. Pray For You And Me
8. Spy
9. Redundant
10. Slaughtered
11. Victim
12. Seven Golden Daffodils
13. Bitchin Blues

Pete Way - bass guitar, vocals
Chris Slade - drums
Robin George - guitar, vocals

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