Dec 12, 2010

Jan Akkerman - Focus In Time (1998)

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 271 mb+3% recovery

                                                      1. Home Voyage: a). Intro
                                                      2. Home Voyage: b). Where Would I Be
                                                      3. Home Voyage: c). I'll Make It Up To You
                                                      4. Home Voyage: d). Extro
                                                      5. Saudade
                                                      6. Nail The Snake
                                                      7. Apres Un Reve
                                                      8. Am I Losing You
                                                      9. Wildflower
                                                      10. On The Table
                                                      11. Elegy
                                                      12. Laurie Anne
                                                      13. Leading Me There
                                                      14. I'll Find My Own Way Home 
Jan Akkerman - acoustic & electric guitars
Tom Salisbury - keyboards & programming
Ton Dijkman - drums on "Home Voyage", "Apres Un Reve", "Am I Losing You", "On The Table" & "I'll Find My Own Way Home"
Manuel Hugas - bass on "Nail The Snake", "Am I Losing You" & "On The Table"
Nico Brandsen - Hammond organ on "Nail The Snake", "Am I Losing You" & "I'll Find My Own Way Home"
Rick van der Linden - Great Church Organ on "Leading Me There"
"The Stylus Horns" - horns on "Nail The Snake" & "Saudade"


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Tank you very much for this sensational guitar man´s work!

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