Dec 15, 2010

Jimmy Barnes - Psyclone (1995)

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As a solo artist Jimmy Barnes has scored seven number one records in Australia, putting him up in the same league as the Beatles, Madonna, the Rolling Stones, and Rod Stewart. Born in Glasgow, Scotland, his family emigrated to Adelaide in 1956 when Barnes was four. It was his older brother John's interest in music that inspired Jim to follow suit, eventually leading to him becoming lead singer of Cold Chisel, who emerged as Australia's most popular band of the '80s. While their rock/soul/blues fusion music was part of the band's appeal, a large part was also the stage presence of its raw-voiced singer, crouched with intensity as he sang/shouted into the microphone with every breath in his lungs. After 12 years, Cold Chisel gave their final performance in December 1983 and Barnes launched an immediate solo career, eclipsing Cold Chisel's record sales with six solo number one albums in a row...
1. Used to the Truth
2. Spend the Night
3. Change of Heart
4. Every Beat
5. Come Undone
6. Stumbling
7. Love and Devotion
8. Mirror of Your Soul
9. Just a Man
10. Fooling Yourself
11. Tears
12. Going Down Alone
13. Because You Wanted It

JIMMY BARNES - Change Of Heart

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