Jan 11, 2011

Dr. Hook - Bankrupt (1975)

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1. Levitate
2. Let Me Be Your Lover
3. Only Sixteen
4. I Got Stoned And I Missed
5. Bubblin Up
6. Wups
7. Millionaire
8. Everybody's Making It Big
9. Cooky And Lila
10. Everybody Loves Me
11. On The Way To The Bottom
12. Do Downs

Dr. Hook - Only Sixteen


Eric said...

Thanks hanalex,I have a few of their other earlier albums but never bothered with this one as I thought it was more commercial.
After sampling it I see they were still in the orig. mode which I like.

westbert said...

hanalex, just me again, trying to get the good doctor a little recognition. If you find the time and think this is worthy of a repost, I would surely be grateful!

hanalex said...

New link for westbert: