Feb 15, 2011

Prosper - Broken Door (1975)

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PROSPER was born in Bottrop, a town situated in the northwestern part of the german Ruhrgebiet which is dominated by an eponymous coal mine. The band's story began 1973 as PROSPER I with heavy line-up changes. Jürgen Pluta (keys) was a co-founder but soon went to WALLENSTEIN to play the bass. Evert Brettschneider (guitar) and Matthias Geisen (bass) were early members to form a constant line-up and to reduce the name to PROSPER. They were later followed by Friedhelm Misiejuk (drums, percussion), Fritz A. Frey (guitar, vocals) und Ernst Müller (keys). This five musicians finally produced the self-released, very professional and diversified debut 'Broken Door' from 1975... Read more
1. Beginning
2. Burning In The Sun
3. Broken Door
4. Dance Of An Angel
5. Your Country
6. Birds Of Passage
7. Master's Inspiration
8. Where The Sun Touches The Water

Evert Brettschneider - guitar, acoustic guitar
Matthias Geisen - fender bass
Friedhelm Misiejuk - drums, percussion
Fritz A. Fey - guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
Ernst Müller - fender rhodes piano, mellotron, mini-moog


Anonymous said...

yeah ,you know i'm a great lover of Germanmusic,
nice to see this on the web, have it on vinyl, and now will have it on lossless, thanks my friend!!!

putaveia (meretriz do rock!) said...

Another fantastic fun for my download
Coming from you I did not expect anything less
I'm in Brazil and you in Russia, so far away in distance, and so close to the rock
The Stray I in WAV is there waiting for you
Have a nice and fantastic day my friend

Zig06 said...

Sample sounds great - thanks!

- Zig

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