Feb 16, 2011

Skyline - Louise For One Night (1976)

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Vocal jazz-rock with funk and prog elements, but without brass and woodwind section, recorded in '75. With Werner Vogt (ex-member of Virus) on bass, George Kochbek on keyboards and Mickie Stickdorn on drums. The two bonus tracks are from the Vlotho festival LPs '76 and '77.
1. Louise For One Night
2. A Break Is Not The End
3. Beautiful Lady
4. Dear B. Sunshine
5. Bad, Bad Woman (Intercontinental)
6. Tashiro
Bonus tracks:
7. Tashiro (Live)
8. The Journey

The band:
Werner Vogt - bass, vocals
Michael Stickdorn - drums
Reinhard Glowazke - guitar
Udo Lummer - guitar, vocals
Jürgen Kochbeck - keyboards, vocals

SKYLINE - Bad, Bad Woman

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