Feb 26, 2011

Starcastle - Starcastle (1976)

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STARCASTLE was one of the popular and well-respected bands of the American prog of the 70's. This band was known for their YES influenced epochs in the seventies. This band contained tight epic instrumentation with the somewhat dreamy and fantasy lyrics/singing of Terry Luttrell. Their singer has a Jon ANDERSON-like kind of voice, the vocal perfection beloved by American bands and an instrumental sophistication. The music was original in terms of composition lyrics and performance. Read more
1. Lady Of The Lake
2. Elliptical Seasons
3. Forces
4. Stargate
5. Sunfield
6. To The Fire Wind
7. Nova

The band:
Terry Luttrell - lead vocals
Gary Strater - bass guitar, bass pedals, vocals
Stephen Tassler - drums, percussion, vocals
Herb Schildt - organ, synthesizers, pianos
Matthew Stewart - guitars, vocals
Stephen Hagler - guitars, vocals

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