Feb 8, 2011

Stray - Mudanzas (1973)

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Stray trod a fine line between hard rock, underground prog, and harmony-driven boogie. Mudanzas was their fourth album, released in May 1973. It's ambitious string & bass arrangements gave it a more commercial edge than their earlier releases, and it duly became their biggest selling album.
1. Changes
2. Come On Over
3. Alright Ma!
4. Oil Fumes & Sea Air
5. Gambler
6. Hallelujah
7. I Believe It
8. Pretty Thing
9. Soon As You've Grown
10. Leave It Down To Us

Del Bromham - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Steve Gadd - guitar, harmonica, vocals
Gary G. Giles - bass
Richie Cole - drums

STRAY - Hallelujah


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