Mar 9, 2011

Jackson Heights - King Progress (1970)

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When Keith Emerson disbanded The Nice, Lee Jackson decided to hang up his bass guitar and go back to 'simpler' music. With this in mind he gathered together some musicians he had known for a number of years: Charlie Harcourt, Tommy Sloane and Mario Tapia. The result being the first Jackson Heights album King Progress, on which Jackson sang and played acoustic guitar. The standout tracks are 'Mr Screw' and a reworking of the old Nice song 'The Cry of Eugene'. It did not sell in any great numbers. The band started to drift apart and Jackson's next recruitment began... Read more
1. Mr. Screw
2. Since I Last Saw You
3. Sunshine Freak
4. King Progress
5. Doubting Thomas
6. Insomnia
7. Cry Of Eugene 

Lee Jackson 
6 & 12 string acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocals
Charlie Harcourt 
electric guitar, spanish guitar, piano, organ, harpsichord, Mellotron, vocals
Tommy Slone 
drums, congas, triangle, tymps, abdominal pecussions on ''Doubting Thomas''
Mario Enriquie Covarrubias Tapia 
bass guitar, spanish guitar, vocals


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