Mar 13, 2011

Strollers - Waiting Is... (1973)

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Amazing album from obscure band from Malaysia The Strollers, recorded in 1973. "Waiting Is..." remains as one of the best psychedelic albums ever recorded in Asia: superb musicanship, top sound & production and original songs sung in perfect english. It ranges from full-blown heavy psych with killer organ, guitar & flute to amazing UK late sixties styled pop-psych and some funkiest & proggy moments...
1. You're Gonna Make It
2. Silly Jokes
3. Bus Ride

4. Children
5. Fire
6. Please Don't Let Me Down
7. You
8. N.W.K.
9. Maybe Tomorrow
10. My Girl
11. Medley: Do What You Gotta Do Just As I Am

Michael Magness - keyboards, vocals
Nand Kumar - flute, harmonica, guitars, percussion
Hassan Idris - guitars
Billy Chang - bass
Hussein Idris - drums

Original rip & release: barin99



Anonymous said...

very nice - thanks !!!

Khalid Redza Ramlan said...

Hi, I know this is from a very old post, but I've been searching for this album for quite some time now, then I found your website, very nice but, unfortunately, megaupload is no more, could you reupload it again somewhere? Much appreciated for your troubles.

hanalex said...

@Khalid Redza Ramlan

Read here please

Khalid Redza Ramlan said...

Thank you so much for your kindness