Mar 23, 2011

Trevor Rabin - Wolf (1981)

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1. Open Ended
2. Heard You Cry Wolf
3. Do Ya Do Ya Want Me
4. Stop Turn

5. Lost In Love
6. Looking For A Lady (Wolfman)
7. Pain
8. Take Me To A Party
9. She's Easy
10. Long Island

Trevor Rabin - vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards
Simon Phillips - drums
Jack Bruce, Mo Foster - bass
Manfred Mann, John "Rabbit" Bundrick - keyboards
Chris Thompson, Stevie Lange, Noel McCalla - additional vocals


Trevor Rabin - Trevor Rabin (1978)
Trevor Rabin - Face To Face (1979)


who. said...

All I remember is Lost In Love - but I'm sure the whole thing is worth downloading.
Thanks again!!

CrunchyFrog said...

Hey - would very much like to listen to all 3 Trevor albums, but apparently Rapidshare has removed the links. any chance at a re-up? Thanks!

hanalex said...

Trevor Rabin - 1978 is available for download.
Other two albums will be re-uploaded.