Apr 27, 2011

Climax Blues Band - Stamp Album (1975)

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1. Using The Power
2. Mr. Goodtime
3. I Am Constant
4.  Running Out Of Time

5. Sky High
6. Rusty Nail / The Devil Knows
7. Loosen Up
8. Spirit Returning
9. Cobra

Colin Cooper - vocals, soprano, alto & tenor saxes, clarinet and flute
Peter Haycock - vocals, lead, slide and acoustic guitars
Derek Holt - vocals, bass guitar and vibes
Richard Jones - vocals, keyboards, bass and acoustic guitars
John Cuffley - drums and percussion


PERSEvalK said...

i've the complilation; "Couldn't Get It Right ... Plus" so cool to see here an complet album up, thanks Alex you rock!!!

Jim_Spyropoulos said...

There is a problem when splitting only 5 songs are splitted :(

hanalex said...

Please, use Medieval Cue Splitter v1.2. All cuts perfectly

Eric said...

Hi Alex, I have this one on vinyl.
A little trivia about the album cover is that Toni,(Marty Scott's wife from JEM/Passport Records,he the "M" in JEM")who did cover art for Sire records was involved with the album design.
If you look closely in the orig.inside gatefold one of the stamps says "Thanks Toni".
I know all this because I used to work with Marty and met Toni several times.
She did a bunch of things foe Sire,The Ramones,Renaissance.