Apr 24, 2011

Home - The Alchemist (1973)

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 "The Alchemist" was the 3rd, the best and the last album of "Home" - the previous two were competent and convincing, but one couldn't even expect that the band will come with such an accomplished masterpiece. It is a concept progressive-rock album, based on a story inspired by spiritual or occult side of alchemy (although set up in 20th century). Perhaps Mick Stubbs' voice is a bit too sweet, but the album is tightly designed. The drums of Mick Cook are precise and hard, Cliff Williams (bass) and Laurie Wisefield (guitars) are doing really impressive and good job. That it reminds (somehow) "Kansas", "Moody Blues", maybe "Wishbone Ash", but in general the music is not loud - but proud. A very talented piece, and done with lot of taste...
1. Schooldays
2. The Old Man Dying
3. Time Passes By
4. The Old Man Calling (Save The People)

5. The Disaster
6. The Sun's Revenge
7. A Secret To Keep
8. The Brass Band Played
9. Rejoicing
10. The Disaster Returns (Devastation)
11. The Death Of The Alchemist
12. The Alchemist
13. Green Eyed Fairy (bonus track)
14. Sister Rosalie (bonus track)
15. Hayward Town (bonus track)

Mick Stubbs - lead vocals, guitars, piano
Laurie Wisefield - lead, acoustic and steel guitars, vocals
Cliff Williams - bass guitar, vocals
Mick (Cookie) Cook - drums, various percussion


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