Apr 25, 2011

The Load - Praise The Load (1976)

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This powerful Columbus, Ohio trio was formed in 1973 by bassist/guitarist Dave Hessler (OSIRIS, THE DANGER BROTHERS) and brothers Sterling (keyboards) and Tommy (drums) Smith. In time, Hessler built himself a double-neck guitar with a bass on the bottom and six strings on top, while Sterling acquired a Minimoog synth, allowing him to switch from bass to synth. Doing mostly American prog with classical influences, they gigged locally for a couple of years and became part owners of Owl Studios and Owl Records, allowing them to record their first LP at their own pace in 1976, "Praise the Load". Their second effort, "Load Have Mercy", recorded a year later, was quickly shelved and wasn't to be released until it appeared on CD in 1996. They then relocated to Los Angeles, spent the next two years working as session musicians (mostly with The BEACH BOYS) and by 1979, they called it quits and returned to their native Ohio. READ MORE
1. Fandango
2. Flyaway
3. Brandenburg #3
4. Dave's 'A' Song
5. The Betrayal
6. The William Tell Overture
7. Sit Down (bonus track)
8. She Calls My Name (bonus track)

Sterling Smith - keyboards
Dave Hessler - guitar, bass
Tommy Smith - drums, percussion



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