May 10, 2011

Aunt Mary - Aunt Mary (1971)

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Aunt Mary biography (
One of the early and by many considered to be one of Norways definitely best prog bands. Their music is a mix of heavy hard-rocking tunes, combined with clear influences from the symphonic genre. The more symphonic sound however didn't appeared until their third, and last studio album, "Janus". A great concept-album to start with. If you want the more thundering sounds coming from AUNT MARY, look for 1972s "Loaded". High-skilled musicians combined with good, creative melodies makes AUNT MARY a important Norwegian band to become acquainted with.
1. Whispering Farewell
2. Did You Notice
3. Theres A Lot Of Fish In The Sea
4. I Do And I Did
5. 47 Steps
6. Rome Wasn't Built In One Day
7. Come In
8. Why Don't You Try Yourself
9. The Ball
10. All My Sympathy For Lily
11. Yes, By Now Ive Reached The End

The Band:
Bjorn Christiansen - guitar, vocal
Per Ivar Fure - flute, harmonica, saxophone, mouth-organ and vocal
Jan Leonard Groth - keyboards, guitar and vocals
Svein Gundersen - bass, piano and vocal
Kjetil Stensvik - drums, vocal


dilyan said...

Thank you very much

Peter said...

Ever liked their tune "Whispering Farewell" since I first heard it on a LP-sampler way back in the 70s. But never knew they were from Norway until now... I think one of their singers (the more "dramatic" sounding one) was really very good.