May 23, 2011

Billy Cobham - Spectrum (1973)

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Review by Scott Yanow:
Drummer Billy Cobham was fresh from his success with the Mahavishnu Orchestra when he recorded his debut album, which is still his best. Most of the selections showcase Cobham in a quartet with keyboardist Jan Hammer, guitarist Tommy Bolin, and electric bassist Lee Sklar. Two other numbers include Joe Farrell on flute and soprano and trumpeter Jimmy Owens with guitarist John Tropea, Hammer, bassist Ron Carter, and Ray Barretto on congas. The generally high-quality compositions (which include "Red Baron") make this fusion set a standout, a strong mixture of rock-ish rhythms and jazz improvising.
1.  Quadrant 4
2.  Searching For The Right Door
3.  Spectrum
4.  Anxiety
5.  Taurian Matador
6.  Stratus
7.  To The Women In My Life
8.  Le Lis
9.  Snoopy's Search
10.  Red Baron

Billy Cobham - Red Baron:



VaTAga said...

Один из любимых мной альбомов. Впервые услышал его где-то в 1975 г. На компакт-диске взял "в картоне", нашёл в Трансильвании, на Тверской.

hanalex said...

Этот альбом просто необходим уже потому, что кроме Кобэма здесь отметились Jan Hammer и горячо мной любимый Tommy Bolin...

JoeyRex said...

Big album hiiiiiiiiiiii !

hanalex said...

So what?