May 4, 2011

Hot Tuna - The Phosphorescent Rat (1973)

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The Phosphorescent Rat is the fourth album by the rock group Hot Tuna.
The Phosphorescent Rat was a transitional album for Hot Tuna. Their blues-rock playing was moving away from the softer, more acoustic sound of their first three albums, and towards a more hard rock sound. Singer and guitarist Jorma Kaukonen's original compositions, and the group's first use of strings and woodwinds, indicated Hot Tuna was searching for a new direction.
This was the first Hot Tuna album recorded after Kaukonen and bass player Jack Casady had left Jefferson Airplane. They were joined as before by drummer Sammy Piazza. With the departure of Papa John Creach, who had left the band for Jefferson Starship, the stage was set for the power trio playing of their next four albums.
1. I See The Light
2.Letter To The North Star
3. Easy Now
4. Corners Without Exits
5. Day To Day Out The Window Blues
6. In The Kingdom
7. Seeweed Strut
8. Living Just For You 3:19
9. Soliloquy For 2
10. Sally, Where'd You Get Your Liquor From? 2:54

Jorma Kaukonen - vocals, guitars
Jack Casady - electric bass, bass balalaika
Sammy Piazza - drums, spoons, percussion



Eric said...

This old classic, man used to ride around in my buddies car with this on 8-track tape in the early 80's.
"Easy Now" has always been a fave as is "I See The Light"

Anonymous said...

cool stuff!thanks for sharing