Jun 21, 2011

Cain - A Pound Of Flesh (1975)

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Formed from the ashes of two regrettably named late 60s Twin Cities bands - The Grasshoppers and  The Bananas - Cain were regional college favorites in the Midwestern US, but failed to do much damage  elsewhere. A pity, as their sound is quintessential 70s hard-boogie, just as raucous and toke-worthy as  Foghat but with the political and literary flair of Blue Oyster Cult. Word has it the fellas 'jammed with' the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Iron Butterfly and Mott the Hoople,  among others, but it was the 1970s, and everybody jammed back then, brotha. At any rate all that  jamming and seven-nights-a-week shows finally paid off and they were signed to tiny label ASI, who  released their first album, A Pound Of Flesh, in 1975. The album cover was disgusting - they took the title quite literally - but the music inside was far more  appetising. The awesomely named Jigg Lee has a classic arena-rock voice and the band manage to build  a fiery choogle around him. Unfortunately, Cain's timing was tragic. Much like the late-blooming glam bands in the early 1990s who  got swallowed up in the grunge tsunami, Cain only managed to squeeze out one more album before collapsing under the weight of disco. The drummer went on to marry Melissa Manchester. The rest of  them trundled off to their own sorry fates. And you and I? We are left to ponder the true meaning of If  The Right One Don't Get You, The Left One Will. And to stare at that nasty cover.
1. Queen Of The Night
2. Katy
3. South Side Queen
4. Badside
5. Born Of The Wind
6. Heed The Call
7. If The Right Don't Get You The Left One Will
8. All My Life

Jiggs Lee - vocals, percussion
Dave Elmeer - bass, acoustic, keyboards
Lloyd Forsberg - electric guitar
Kevin DeRemer - drums



kobilica said...

Great rock band,this album is worth pickin up.Thanks for your work to present this wondeful rare music...

dilyan said...

Thank you very much

Anon said...

Yes, this is still rare on net. Thanks for share.

becks dark said...

I agree, ugly album cover. Thanks for this rare gem!