Jun 11, 2011

A Foot In Coldwater - All Around Us (1974)

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1. I Know What You Need
2. All Around Us
3. (Make Me Do) Anything You Want
4. It s Only Love
5. Love Is Coming
6. How Much Can You Take
7. He s Always There (Watching You)
8. Yalla Yae
9. (Isn't Love Unkind) In My Life
10. Para - Dice

Bob Horne - keyboards
Hughie Leggat - bass
Alex Machin - vocals
Paul Naumann - guitars
Danny Taylor - drums



Jim_Spyropoulos said...

You deserve a million thanks for the job you are doing in your blog . Thanks a lot man

hanalex said...

Thank you too, Jim

adamus67 said...

Oh yeah one of my favorite band Canadian, a long time already on the shelf....
Like fellow Canadian band April Wine, Coldwater leg in the balance of crunchy hard rockers smooth ballads.
Damn good rock n 'roll. Those things are really strong teams
progressive hard rock,duel. guitar and organ hammond B3 highlight, however, it is fair to powidziec consists of a slightly weaker material from the previous two, it is still a good album with quite a commercial hard rock, progressive with mild influence. Foot can say is the first chord almost every song. A rolling freight train at a speed of Super Express, roaring Hammond B3, and the the variety of of tone,solos and songs that make the music scene of Toronto in 1970,so unforgettable , too bad that their 4th album ( BreakingThrough )is not available on CD
hanalex...Thanks for the nice memories ........... Yours!

dilyan said...

Thanks so much

VaTAga said...

Группа великолепная. Один альбом у меня точно есть, но этим, боюсь, не располагаю. Проверю вечером дома и тогда с благодарностью возьму, с Вашего позволения, его послушать.

hanalex said...

Абсолютно согласен с Вашей оценкой. С удовольствием слушаю все три имеющиеся альбома...

peraberg said...

Thanks. Excellent band