Jun 23, 2011

Ginhouse - Ginhouse (1971)

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A hard rock trio from Newcastle whose album is now rare. They had a good reputation as a live act and wrote some strong material on their album, with the continuous track The House/Sun In A Bottle the highlight, alongside a cover version of The Beatles' And I Love Her. Geoff Sharkey had earlier played in Sammy.
1. Tyne God
2. I Cannot Understand
3. The Journey
4. Portrait Picture
5. Fair Stood The Wind
6. And I Love Her
7. Life
8. The Morning After
9. The House
10. Sun In The Bottle

Stewart Burlison - bass guitar, vocals
Geoff Sharkey - guitar, vocals
David Whitaker - drums


putaveia (meretriz do rock!) said...

Fucking Group, as always you do
Thanks from the deep of my heart for your participation in the Bordel Party

VaTAga said...

Очень хороши! По-моему, выходил на Маллсе, но я прозевал...

sasha said...

Highly recommended!

lex_lutthor said...

Reposting, please

hanalex said...