Jun 29, 2011

Gomorrha - I Turned To See Whose Voice It Was (1972)

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Originally a psychedelic pop band, the debut album from the mysterious Gomorrha featured a number of rather dated pop songs, topped off by the lengthy opus "Trauma" recorded with the aid of Conny Plank, who turned it into an opus of spectacular electronics and effects, mixing freaky rock with abstract collage. Some time later, and again under the aegis of Conny Plank, they re-recorded the album with English vocals and a more modern sound, releasing it as TRAUMA. A far more successful album, all the compositions being given a new lease of life, with the title track, instead of diving into a collage, treks on to space-rock. Gomorrha's finest moment however was I TURNED TO SEE WHOSE VOICE IT WAS, where Gomorrha's identity had become firmly established: complex psychedelic rock fronted by angry guitars and organ, that could be simultaneously aggressive and spacious, with bizarre lyrics about life, religion, death, etc. They presented a unique, adventurous and constantly surprising form of rock music that has become an island unto itself.
1. Dance On A Volcano (10:01)
2. Opening Of The Sealed Book (5:45)
3. Dead Life (3:56)
4. I Turned To See Whose Voice It Was (7:48)
5. I Try To Change This World (9:31)
6. Titish Child (6:57)

Eberhard Krietsch - organ, piano
Helmuth Pohl - drums
Mike Eulner - bass
Ad Ochel - guitar
Ali Claudi - guitar
Peter Otten - vocals


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thanks for the possibility to listen this album on lossless dear friend!!!!dziękuję

Remy said...

Thanks for this fantastic album.
If anyone is interested the preceding album, Trauma (1970) is available at the following webpage. The Depositfile link has gone dead but the Megaupload link is still good. The album is the 1998 Second Battle release which features the original German version as bonus tracks.

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Very good ...
It is essential to a reposting...

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