Jun 24, 2011

Silberbart - 4 Times Sound Razing (1971)

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Working within the dynamics of a typical power rock trio, the early-'70s Krautrock band Silberbart take the genre much further into creative realms on their only album. It's got all the aspects of any good heavy metal band, screaming guitar solos and bone-shredding rhythms, as well as screamed high-pitched vocals, but they throw in a lot more improvisation and some curve balls as well, maybe coming off like a heavier version of the three-piece Guru Guru of that same era. The improvisational chops give Silberbart a jazzy limberness that one doesn't find in your typical plodding heavy metal dinosaur, even as they turn up the psychedelic quotient into overdrive. On the longest track, "Brain Brain," the group begins with a slow gloomy riff and falsetto vocals until about three minutes in when abruptly everything explodes violently as the drugs suddenly kick in. Then it's an intense roller coaster ride through heavy psychedelic noise blasts and abstract free-form soundscapes of scraping guitar and clattering rhythm. The other three tracks are only slightly less intense and unusual on this dark hard rock masterpiece.
1. Chub Chub Cherry (4:23)

2. Brain Brain (16:16)
3. God (10:07)
4. Head Tear Of The Drunken Sun (12:00)

Werner Klug - bass
Peter Behrens - drums, percussion
Hajo Teschner - vocals, guitar

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