Jul 4, 2011

Climax Blues Band - FM Live (1973)

LP-rip | Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+LP Covers | 502 mb+3% recovery

1. All The Time In The World
2. I Am Constant
3. Flight
4. Seventh Son
5. Standing By A River
6. So Many Roads
7. Mesopopmania
8. Country Hat
9. You Make Me Sick
10. Shake Your Love
11. Goin' To New York
12. Let's Work Together

Derek Holt - bass, drums
John Cuffely - drums
Pete Haycock - guitar, vocals
Colin Cooper - saxes, harmonica, guitar, vocals



Eric said...

Dynamite live album.
I have this on vinyl since the 70's.
Really showcases all aspects of the group's musicianship.
I used to listen reg. to the radio station it was broadcast/recorded.
Heard it when it aired as a kid matter of fact.
Nice post Alex,(you must've remembered our convo about this awhile back)
I'll grab to have a backup.

Anonymous said...

Hello Friend! thanks for this post!!
the part 2 is not available ... can you reupload?
I'll appreciate so much...I've been looking for a long time...thanks in advanced..

greetings from Mexico!!!

hanalex said...

All links are available...

VaTAga said...

Замечательный коллектив. Набрёл на него в 2008 г. благодаря Интернету. Пока прослушал не все альбомы дискографии. Здесь у меня "белые пятна". Этот альбом совершенно не помню, но он у меня есть. Надо отыскать дома и послушать... Спасибо, что Вы пропагандируете этот достойнейший релиз.