Jul 21, 2011

Man Made - Man Made (1972)

EAC | APE TRACKS+Covers | 231 mb+3% recovery

The title track of the sole album from this obscure Canadian prog band. Released in 1972 on the Good Noise Record label, it's become a minor collectible. The featured track, which had to be edited to feature on air because of its length, has some fantastic organ and flute passages, with a few spooky and interesting bits in between! The album's cover apparently caused a minor stir when it was released.
1. Man Made
2. Carnival
3. Reflections
4. Evolution
5. Keep On Moving
6. Country Company

Billy Ledster - vocals, electric piano
Jean Ranger - organ, synthesizer, backing vocals
Richard Terry - bass, backing vocals
Claude Roy - drums
Roger Walls - horns
Michel Como -  additional vocal on track 1

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hanalex said...

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I listened to this album many times (192 kbps) definitely deserves in lossless in my collection. I can't loose the opportunity to say thanks for post here thanks to You as lots of music

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Спасибо, что напомнили об этой славной (да что там говорить, просто замечательной!) команде. Я как раз начал писать о них пост, стал искать информацию и именно тогда "вышел" на Ваш замечательный родственный блог. Позаимствовал Ваш плеерок, чем сократил время на заливку файла в DivShare или Prostopleer. К сожалению, пока не достал этот альбом "на фирме".

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very good selection
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