Jul 6, 2011

Nantucket - Nantucket (1978)

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Nantucket is a hard rock band that formed in Jacksonville, North Carolina in 1969. Originally known as beach music band Stax of Gold and later Nantucket Sleighride (after the song by Mountain), the six-member group Tommy Redd, Larry Uzzell, Mike Uzzell, Eddie Blair, Kenny Soule, and Mark Downing became a huge draw in their home state of North Carolina as a cover band. Nantucket eventually became a powerful and tenacious sensation, amassing numerous fans across the southeastern United States well before its first release.
The band signed with Epic Records in 1977 and released its self-titled album the following year, which featured the hit single "Heartbreaker." An aggressive cross-country tour followed, and Nantucket opened for top acts such as Kiss, Styx, Boston, Mother's Finest, Journey, and The Doobie Brothers. Although its debut release was fairly dated, it sold around 200,000 copies and also made the Billboard charts. In 1979, Nantucket followed up with Your Face or Mine? which fared no better in sales despite higher-quality work.
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1. Heartbreaker
2. Never Gonna Take Your Lies
3. Real Romance
4. She's No Good
5. Born In A Honky Tonk
6. It's Getting Harder
7. Girl, You Blew A Good Thing
8. Spring Fever
9. Quite Like You
10. What's The Matter With Loving You

Tommy Redd - guitar, vocals
Larry Uzzell - Moog bass, keyboards, vocals
Eddie Blair - saxophones, keyboards, percussion, vocals
Kenny Soule - drums, percussion
Mark Downing - guitar



JKR said...

Wow, such an excellent band & album. The CD reissues are already out-of-print. I'd be eternally grateful if you could upload the 2nd & 3rd albums here too. "Your Face Or Mine" & "Long Way To The Top". Thanks!!!!! :)

kobilica said...

Great album,I've heard it for the first time.Many thanks!!!

Sergey said...

Из всех пяти только этот и есть. Случаем у вас остальных нет?

hanalex said...

Нет, к сожалению...

VaTAga said...

А у меня есть только этот и "Live Paradise" 1979.
Альбом "Your Face Or Mine" (1979) см. http://musicmp3.spb.ru/album/your_face_or_mine.html
(для тех, кого не волнует качество)