Jul 1, 2011

Strife - Back To Thunder (1978)

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1. Shockproof
2. Let Me Down
3. Feel So Good
4. Sky
5. You Are What You Are

6. Red Sun
7. Fool Injected Overlap
8. Weary Traveller

John Reid - guitar and lead vocals
Gordon Rowley - bass, gongs and backing vocals
David Williams - drums, percussion and backing vocals
Don Airey - keyboards on tracks 4, 7, 8



hanalex said...

Password: hanalex

Eric said...

Alex, you are a mind reader!
I planned on asking if you had this one.
Thanks alot for this album.
A hard one to locate.

Anonymous said...

muchas gracias !!!
nice post !!

adamus67 said...

I agree with what Eric said, damn it was hard for, hunted ... thanks

kobilica said...

Many thanks...

VaTAga said...

Слушал, но на состав не обратил внимания! А он чрезвычайно любопытный! Здорово! Вы открыли мне глаза, спасибо! Вот в чём польза публикаций! Иногда не заглядываешь в информацию и просто слушаешь релиз, но когда пишешь о нём, то хочешь-не хочешь, а уточняешь очень важные нюансы.

Nacho Cadenas said...

c'mon man you gotta be fucking kidding me!! I thought I finally found the El Dorado for my music library and the fucking link is down. shit man! I suppose nobody come here since 2011 but if someone who has this album reads this... please help

hanalex said...

@Nacho Cadenas

You are very polite guy!
This link is for you personally