Aug 5, 2011

Alvin Lee & Mylon LeFevre - On The Road To Freedom (1973)

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Ten Years After guitarist Lee teamed up with gospel crooner LeFevre for a session that could be best described as hard spiritual rock. It was recorded at George Harrison's studio. The 1973 album features guest shots from George Harrison, Stevie Winwood, Ronnie Wood, and Jim Capaldi, among others.
1. On The Road To Freedom
2. The World Is Changing (I Got A Woman Back In Georgia)
3. So Sad (No Love Of His Own)
4. Fall Angel
5. Funny
6. We Will Shine
7. Carry My Load
8. Lay Me Back
9. Let 'Em Say What They Will
10. I Can't Take It
11. Riffin
12. Rockin' Til The Sun Goes Down
13. So Sad (No Love Of His Own) [Bonus single]

Alvin Lee - guitar, bass, sitar, vocals
Mylon LeFevre - 12-string guitar, bass, percussion, vocals
George Harrison - guitar, slide guitar, bass, back vocals
Ron Wood - 12-string guitar, bass, drums
Steve Winwood - piano
Tim Hinkley - piano, organ, background vocals
Boz Burrell - bass, background vocals
Bob Black - steel guitar
Andy Stein - fiddle
Jim Capaldi - drums
Reebop Kwaku Baah - congas
Mick Fleetwood - drums
Ian Wallace - drums
Mike Patto - percussion, back vocals



PERSEvalK said...

thanks Alex, have it on old plastic with a hole in the middle, but to have it now on HQ!!!

VaTAga said...

Я уже писал в комментариях к предыдущему посту о том, что очень люблю Ten Years After и сольники Элвина Ли (но м.б. коммент не прошёл). На всякий случай спрошу по поводу двух непонятных мне вещей. У меня нет альбома "Saguitar" (1976), но я приобрёл роскошное издание "Saguitar" (2007). Причём последний позиционируется как новый альбом. Случаем, не одно это и то же? "Unreleased Album" (2004) достал с трудом. Это собрание старых "нереализованных" ранее треков или очередной студийный альбом? Вещи очень хорошие и прекрасно записанные... Перерыл массу инфы, но ответ не нашёл.

trismegistos said...

thanks a lot hanalex

hanalex said...

Честно говоря я не фанат Элвина Ли и его проектов, хотя не могу не признавать его роль в рок музыке и белом блюзе.
"Saguitar" встречал только 2007 года, c Unreleased Album не знаком. Уж если Вы не нашли информации... :)

adamus67 said...

I have this album through long years and is my favorite to today!
Most of the compositions and LeFevre'a Lee, a Harrison and Wood. Recordings made at Space Studios.
@ VaTAga ... maybe here you will find the answer, for bothering You, ambiguity...greet ..Adam

dilyan said...

Thank you very much !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Downloaded from Rapidshare as a RAR file.
Is there a password to extract the files?

hanalex said...

Pass: hanalex

meanunclek said...

Sadly the link no longer seems to work - "Download not available
Download permission denied by uploader. (0b67c2f5")". If you are able to upload again, that would be very much appreciated.

Yo Ho Ho said...

I cannot download this.
Have you another link please?
Thank you.

hanalex said...

@meanunclek / Yo Ho Ho

Anonymous said...

This album was not recorded at George Harrison's studio but at Alvin Lee's studio, Space Sounds.