Aug 4, 2011

Blackfeather - At The Mountains Of Madness (1971)

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Formed in Sydney in 1970 out of The Dave Miller Set, this was one of Australia's top early seventies acts. They played a sort of rock boogie with pulsating piano and were extremely popular live and their discs, especially Boppin' The Blues, which was a No. 1 hit, sold well. Having signed to Festival in 1970, the label promptly encouraged them to record their debut album Mountains Of Madness on which the magnum opus was Seasons Of Change, which John had actually written for Fraternity. Festival decided to release it as a 45 and it was a Top Twenty hit in 1971. Also of note on the album were the heavy psycher On This Day That I Die, the Spanish-tinged Mango's Theme, the thunderous Long Legged Lovely, notable for some superb guitar work from Robinson and the complex The Rat (Suite).  Read more
1. At The Mountains Of Madness
2. On This Day That I Die
3. Seasons Of Change (part 1)
4. Mangos Theme (part 2)
5. Long Legged Lovely
6. The Rat (Suite)

Neale Johns - vocals
John Robinson - guitars
Robert Fortescue - bass
Alexander Kash - drums



adamus67 said...

Hi Alex
Claiming that in Australia before AC / DC did not know what rock n roll is definitely wrong. This distant land hides many fantastic teams in the most forgotten today. One of these pearls is a wonderful debut Blackfeather.
Its additional advantage is that in recording this album attended by 25-year-old Bon Scott. From today's perspective it can be a marketing gimmick, but it would be a pity if "At The Mountains of Madness" is inscribed in the history of rock just as exalbum leader AC / DC.
Blackfeather music can be described as heavy-rock with a characteristic of those times psychedelic color. The album is a complete range of aranży and departures. By sharp guitar riffs, ballads, Oriental (inspired by the dollar anyway Leone trilogy) "Mangos Theme Part 2", folk were "Seasons Of Change", to complete puzzles and abundant in the funny story suite "The Rat". Must commend the entire section of music, with honors Neale Johns - 18-year-old, who has recorded an extremely powerful, poignant and diverse vocals (like Dr. Jeckyll and Mr.. Hyde!), And guitarist John Robinson, which was considered to be leading next guitar heroes Lobby Loyd and Kevin Borichema.
Unfortunately, after the release of its debut ranks Blackfeather been firmly thwarted. The composition has changed repeatedly (scrolled by a team of about 50 names!), And further their releases a lot of dissent from the sensational level "ones." Original length CD was released by Infinity Records, but in Poland it is more readily available Akarmy resume (I have both editions)
"At the Mountains of Madness" is the album idealnnie finding in our time - almost 40 years after its launch.
(apparently there is a new remastered edition"Flawed Gems" label)
Thanks, I cordially greet

dilyan said...

Thank you very much