Aug 25, 2011

Dull Knife - Electric Indian (1971)

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Dull Knife are one of many early 70's krautrock bands. A lot of these extreme rock bands came out of Germany. I find that the sound of krautrock bands is often hard-rock with a lot of organ and a lot of Gospel influence on some songs. Sought of like Psychedelia with Hard Rock and Gospel. Yeah, that's it. And probably other sutff too! Oops, sorry for confusing you. But Hard rock, Psychedelia and Hard rock are the main components. Although I could say it's definitely true of Dull Knife, it is also true of a lot of other krautrock and other progressive genre bands of that time, i.e. they all sound the same. Read more
1. Plastic People
2. Go Down To The River
3. Lonely Is The Man Kind
4. Walk Along The Muddy Road
5. Tumberlin' Down
6. Song Of A Slave
7. Feeling Like A Queen
8. Day Of Wrath

Martin Hesse - bass
Christian Holik - guitar
Gottfried Janko - keyboards
Claus Zaake - drums, percussion



hanalex said...

P/w: hanalex

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Thank you very much for this rarity - haven't heard of it before.

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Would someone be so kind to upload the file again. I'm really eager to this German based band.