Aug 16, 2011

Trapeze - Hot Wire (1974)

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1. Back Street Love
2. Take It On Down The Road
3. Midnight Flyer
4. Wake Up, Shake Up
5. Turn It On
6. Steal A Mile
7. Goin' Home
8. Feel It Inside

Mel Galley - guitars, lead vocals
Rob Kendrick - guitars, backing vocal
Pete Wright - bass
Dave Holland - drums, percussion
Additonal personnel:
Misty Browning, Kenny Cole - slide guitars, backing vocal
Terry Rowley - guitars, keyboards, organ, flute, backing vocal
Chris Mercer - saxophone
John Ogden - congas & percussion

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hanalex said...

P/w: hanalex

Eric said...

Despite Glenn Hughes absence this is one of the best Trapeze albums imo.
This lineup was really good and Mel Galley proved to be a worthy singer in his own rite.
For fans of the group that never heard,or the curious a fine rock album.

BigGray said...

After Glenn Hughes left Trapeze to join Deep Purple, I thought that would be the end of the band. When this LP was released I bought it out of curiosity, or perhaps loyalty to the band, aready owning Medusa and You Are The Music.

I was surprised to find that I didn't miss Glenn Hughes at all. I agree with Eric, Mel Galley is a really good singer, the songs are strong, in all, this is an excellent album. Thank you for letting me hear it again.

VaTAga said...

Отличная группа. Мне она всегда очень нравилась.