Sep 20, 2011

Derringer Bogert Appice - Doin' Business As... (2001)

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Rick Derringer, Tim Bogert, and Carmine Appice have each had an incredibly enduring influence on musicians of all ages across the globe. Having worked with some of the most legendary acts of all time (Appice with Vanilla Fudge & Rod Stewart; Derringer with Johnny Winter & production for Kiss, Meat Loaf & Cyndi Lauper; and Bogert with Vanilla Fudge & Cactus) the album absolutely overflows with class and virtuosity. With all three players contributing vocals, Doing Business As stands apart as a modern sounding, broad-ranged affair that recalls the classics but looks to the future.
1. Blood From A Stone
2. The Sky Is Falling
3. Grey Day
4. Everybody's Comin'
5. Bye Bye Baby
6. Telling Me Lies
7. Dawn Of Love
8. Turn On The Light
9. Boys Night Out
10. Alone Now
11. Rapsody In Red

Rick Derringer - guitars, vocals
Tim Bogert - bass guitar, vocals
Carmine Appice - drums, percussion, vocals
Additional musician:
Kelli Keeling - keyboards and background vocals on track 5



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