Sep 1, 2011

P2O5 - Vivat Progressio - Pereat Mundus (1978)

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P2O5, founded in Wendelstein near Nuremberg in 1970, released their only LP in 1978 on the Brutkasten label which is today in high demand. There is to be heard hard rock with progressive elements and English lyrics. The Brutkasten studio was only modestly equipped, the sound thus could have been better with the corresponding funds. It now appears for the first time as a CD, with two as yet unreleased bonus tracks.
1. Comin' Over Again
2. Morning Of The Ants
3. I Didn't Care
4. Undumufu (All Right)

5. Smash
6. Hangman
7. Step On My Face
8. Memories
Bonus tracks:
9. Hangman (Live)
10. Paradise

Wolfgang Burkhard - keyboards
Konny Hempel - guitar
Helmut Hiebel - vocals, bass
Edwin Lotter - drums
Werner Weiß - vocals



VaTAga said...

У меня есть ещё один альбом (одноимённый), датированный 1993 годом. Но, судя по приведённой информации, у них был всего один релиз. Так что же было издано в 1993-ем? Этого я не знаю. Спасибо за напоминание об интересном коллективе!

hanalex said...

Наверное речь идет об этом альбоме?:

putaveia (meretriz do rock!) said...

I Love P2O5
I have this one only in mp3.....argh, now in flac
I have the original of the first disc, fantastic
Thanks for this Jewell

Rogerio M Schirach said...

This 2 album are fantastic, I have in MP3, can you re-post? This band it's fantastic, now in my DVD Quasar Lux Symphoniae, another fantastic band. You know, everyday I come strolling in the garden of fantstic bands.......

hanalex said...

Hi Rogerio!
New link for you: