Oct 11, 2011

Silverhead - Silverhead (1972)

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Silverhead were a British band, fronted by the singer/actor, Michael Des Barres. The other members of the band were: Robbie Blunt (guitar), Rod Rook Davies (guitar, percussion, vocals), Nigel Harrison (bass guitar) and Pete Thompson (Drums, percussion, keyboards, vocals). They recorded two studio albums, Silverhead (1972) and 16 and Savaged (1973), and were a part of the glam rock music scene of the 1970s.
Despite that they had no real commercial success, Silverhead were serious role models for many sleaze bands in the 80s. In the UK they played support to bands such as Nazareth at Finsbury Park and Osibisa at the Brixton Sundown, and were the lead band in the Dagenham Roundhouse. Work on a third studio album (working title 'Brutiful') started in 1974, but the group disbanded in July 1974 before it was finished.

1. Long Legged Lisa
2. Underneath The Light
3. Ace Supreme
4. Johnny
5. In You Eyes
6. Rolling With My Baby
7. Wounded Heart
8. Sold Me Down The River
9. Rock And Roll Band
10. Sliver Boogie
Bonus tracks:
11. Ace Supreme (7" Version)
12. Oh No No No

Rod Davies - percussion, vocals, guitar
Michael Des Barres - vocals
Nigel Harrison - bass
Pete Thompson - keyboards, drums
Robbie Blunt - guitar, vocals



Jamie (tacobueno) said...

Thanks very much for this one - new to me!

Silverhead said...

Silverhead will be in Tokyo April 20 & 21 2012 http://www.facebook.com/theoriginalSilverhead