Oct 24, 2011

Sixty Nine - Circle Of The Crayfish (1972)

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Sixty Nine were a rock based instrumental organ drums duo following in the footsteps of Hansson and Karlsson. Given the limitations of such a small setup, it takes quite a bit of imagination and sound variation to keep things interesting. On "Circle of the Crayfish", they do manage to get some outlandish sounds out of the organ, and combined with the riproaring tempos, the group do keep things hopping for the most part. There's even an introspective electronic piece. Even with all of the innovations applied, the album still sounds too monolithic for its own good.
1. Ballast
2. Kolibri
3. Becoming Older
4. Journey
5. Paradise Lost
6. Crayfish

Armin Stoewe - organ, piano, synthesizer, guitar, vocal
Roland Schupp - drums, percussion & gongs



Eric said...

Love Hansson and Karlsson (Jimi covered their "Tax Free" of course).
So i'll have to checkout this totally new title to me.
Thank you Hanalex for your work/shares.

Anonymous said...

Thanks I like Krautrock a lot.Good post.
PS.My google account didn't work.

Vvche said...

Это немцы... А немцы никогда не брали пример со шведов... А вот с The Nice/ELP брали... Они и вокалировали по-английски, а не по-шведски... Да и не было тогда (уже) Ханссона с Карлссоном. Это просто в порядке уточнения, потому что альбом интересный, но всё же знать откуда у него ноги растут - полезно...