Oct 18, 2011

VA - A Tribute To ZZ Top - Gimme All Your Top (2001)

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GIMME ALL YOUR TOP: A TRIBUTE TO ZZ TOP includes performers from Whitesnake, Fastway, Bad Company, Saxon, F.M., Samson, The Godfathers, Killers, Praying Mantis, Wishbone Ash, Lionheart, Mamoth, Lend Us A Quid, and The Gary Moore Band.
1. Legs
lead vocal: Steve Overland
2. Gimme All Your Lovin'
lead vocal: Nicky Moore
3. If I Could Only Flag Her Down
lead vocal: Steve Overland
4. Sharp Dressed Man
lead vocal: Steve Grimmett
5. La Grange
lead vocal: Bill Hurley
6. Tush
lead vocal: Doogie White
7. Jesus Just Left Chicago
lead vocal: Steve Overland
8. Got Me Under Pressure
lead vocal: Lea Hart
9. Planet Of Women
lead vocal: Doogie White
10. Dirty Dog
lead vocal: Steve Overland
11. I Got The Six
lead vocal: Lea Hart
12. Sleeping Bag
lead vocal: Paul Di'Anno

Nicky Moore - vocals
Neil Murray - bass
Steve Overland - vocals (background), vocals
Jem Davis - keyboards, bass
Paul Samson - guitar
Bob Skeat - bass
Doogie White - vocals
Tim "Nibbs" Carter - bass
Rick Willis - bass
Paul Di'Anno - vocals
Andy Barnett - guitar (rhythm), guitar
Ray Callcut - guitar (rhythm)
"Fast" Eddie Clarke - guitar (rhythm)
Dave Colwell - guitar (rhythm)
Mervyn Goldsworthy - vocals (background), bass
Steve Grimmett - vocals
Lea Hart - guitar (rhythm), vocals, vocals (background)
Pete Jupp - drums

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