Nov 6, 2011

Frame - Frame Of Mind (1972)

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Frame is a very little known (unfortunately!) German band which recorded one but highly enjoyable art rock/heavy prog gem called "Frame of Mind" in golden year of ambitious music - 1972. When you hear "German music from 70s" you probably immediately think about some crazy psychedelic Krautrock but it's not a case here at all. Frame played very British style of early prog a la Cressida, Still Life, Beggar's Opera, Quatermass, Rare Bird, Spring, Aardvark or Frame but with slightly heavier arrangements due to more aggressive guitar presence. However just like their British fellows, Hammond organ is a main attraction on "Frame of Mind". In general if you like such English-sounding German groups like Birth Control, Frumpy, 2066 & Then, Virus, Amos Key or Tyburn Tall, you'll love Frame!
1. Frame Of Mind
2. Crusical Scene
3. All I Really Want Explain
4. If
5. Winter
6. Penny For An Old Guy
7. Childrens Freedom
8. Truebsal

Andy Kirnberger - guitars, vocals, piano
Cherry Hochdorfer - organ, piano, mellotron, spinet
Peter Lotz - bass, vocals, percussion
Dieter Becker - vocals, percussion
Wolfgang Claus - drums, percussion



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