Nov 25, 2011

Mike Harrison [ex-Spooky Tooth] - Smokestack Lightning (1972)

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"Smokestack Lightning" is the second solo album by Mike Harrison

1. Tears
2. Paid My Dues
3. What A Price
4. Wanna Be Free
5. Turning Over
6. Smokestack Lightning

Mike Harrison - harmonica, vocals
Pete Carr - lead guitar
Jimmy Johnson - guitar
Wayne Perkins - slide guitar
Luther Grosvenor - acoustic guitar
Barry Beckett - keyboards
Clayton Ivey - keyboards
David Hood - bass
Roger Hawkins - drums
Harrison Calloway - trumpet
Mike Stacey - trumpet
Harry Thompson - tenor saxophone
Ronnie Eades - baritone saxophone
Charles Rose - trombone


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hanalex said...

P/w: hanalex

kobilica said...

Fantastic album from the member of SPOOKY TOOTH.Many thanks...

Anonymous said...

Fine Album!Thanks you hanalex!

Anonymous said...

I posted a vinyl rip four years ago (
and it is still possible to be found on net

I did not know it had been reissued on CD
and.... well, I would like to have it in this format also
damn S.O.P.A
A reup would be possible?
Thanks !

hanalex said...

New link: