Nov 21, 2011

Zomby Woof - Riding On A Tear (1977)

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 Zomby Woof were a keyboard-heavy symphonic prog group active in Germany throughout the 1970s, but this, their first album, wasn't released until 1977. As one might expect, the musical foundation here draws heavily from Yes and Genesis, though surely there is an influence of German symph that I'm less familiar with (Eloy and the like). Despite the band's name, any Zappa influences are incidental at most; while these guys have a fairly distinct sound, they don't enter into any sort of Zappaish wacky experimentation, instead preferring to tread safer ground.
1.  Introduction
2.  Suicide
3.  Riding On A Tear
4.  Requiem - Part I
5.  Requiem - Part II
6.  Dora's Drive
7.  Mary Walking Through The Woods
8.  Walking Through The Woods

9.  Finale
Bonus tracks:
10.  Dora's Drive (alternate)
11.  Mary Walking Through The Woods (alternate)
12.  Highwire Dance
13.  Back Home

Ulrich Herter
vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, synthesizer
Heinrich Winter
vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, D6 clavinet
Matthias Zumbroich
grand piano, Hammond organ, mini-moog, string ensemble synthesizer, Mellotron, electric piano, saxophone
Udo Kreuß
bass guitar
Berthold Maier
drums, percussion, tambourine


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DanP said...

Yes, Genesis, Eloy, all right, I shall investigate, and many thanks!