Dec 29, 2011

G-Force (feat. Gary Moore) - G-Force (1980)

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G-Force is a 1980 album by the namesake UK-American band led by Gary Moore. Moore was on an American tour with Thin Lizzy and left the band mid-tour. He went to Los Angeles in an attempt to make a solo rock presence. With the opportunity to tour America in support of Van Halen, Moore recruited bassist Tony Newton (Motown session player and ex-Tony Williams Lifetime), vocalist Willie Dee (born Willy Daffern; ex-Captain Beyond/Pipedream) and percussionist Mark Nauseef (formerly with the Ian Gillan Band and Elf) and the band was formed as G-Force. The tour was a success, and the band supported Whitesnake on their 1980 Ready & Willing trek. However, the band was short lived, only producing the one eponymous album. The album consisted of more conventional hard rock radio oriented music than Moore's previous efforts. Soon after its release, G-Force disbanded and Moore joined with Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake & Palmer fame, on a new venture.
1. You
2. White Knuckles, Rockin' & Rollin'
3. She's Got You
4. I Look At You
5. Because Of Your Love
6. You Kissed Me Sweetly
7. Hot Gossip
8. The Woman's In Love
9. Dancin'

Gary Moore - vocals, lead guitar, keyboards
Tony Newton - bass guitar
Mark Nauseef - drums, percussion, synthesizers
Willie Dee - keyboards, Korg bass synthesizer, vocals

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