Dec 8, 2011

Jim Capaldi - Fierce Heart (1982)

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Review by James Chrispell (
Fierce Heart reunited Jim Capaldi with Steve Winwood and the results are warm to the heart as well as pleasing to the ears. With help from Van Morrison as well, Capaldi put out an album that showed renewed faith in rock after having been living in Brazil absorbing various influences there and raising a family. Winwood's recent smash hits influenced Capaldi to write more upbeat as well as personal songs, highlighted by "That's Love" and "Tonight You're Mine." But whereas Winwood got into the Top Ten with his songs, Capaldi barely made into the Top 200. That was a shame, for there are a lot of comparisons here that should have been explored. For Winwood fans, this album was like an extra helping. For Capaldi fans, it was the main course.
1. Tonight You're Mine
2. Living On The Edge
3. Bad Breaks
4. Runaway
5. Back At My Place
6. That's Love
7. I'll Always Be Your Fool
8. Don't Let Them Control You
9. Gifts Of Unknown Things

Steve Winwood | Van Morrison | Mel Collins | Nicole Winwood | Pete Bonas
Brent Forbes | Bryson Graham | Chris Parren | Ray Otu Allen | Geoff Driscoll
Martin Drover | Jim Leverton | John Mizarolli

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