Dec 14, 2011

Koncz Zsuzsa - Jelbeszéd (1973)

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Probably the most popular Hungarian female singer ever, Zsuzsa Koncz first came to prominence in early-60s via appearance in the popular TV contest “Ki mit tud?’ (‘Who Knows What?’). Invitations to work followed from Omega, Merto and Illes bands. In the meantime, ‘Rohan az Ido’ – a song culled from the show and penned by Levente Szoreniy and Istvan Nagy of Illes – became huge hit.
By mid-70s Zsuzsa turned into international star, having successfully toured both Eastern (USSR, East Germany) and Western (France, USA) states. Fonograf, a band formed in early 1975 by ex-Illes members, became her new backing group.
Early-80s were marked with singer’s looking for a new direction. Break-up of Fonograf in mid-80s forced her to quit service of permanent backing unit in favor of session musicians and orchestras.
Slowed musical activities down by late-80s. However, returned in 1997 with yet another gold album.
Apart from musical achievements, Zsuzsa’s service to national song culture brought her several State Government awards, of which ‘The Honor Cross Medal of the Republic of Hungary’ (1995) seems the most important.
 Dalok listája:
1. Ki mondta
2. Kertész leszek
3. Jelbeszéd
4. Ha én rózsa volnék
5. Ne kérdezd
6. Egy fiatal költő emlékére
7. Hé, mama
8. Mit tegyen egy kisleány
9. Hol zöldell a rét
10. Szólj, ha meguntad
11. Nem ver meg engem az Isten
12. Új dal

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