Dec 26, 2011

The Wackers - Hot Wacks (1972)

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The Wackers were an American Elektra Records group, produced by Gary Usher, who established the band from members of Roxy, which had moderate success. Musicians Bob Segarini, fellow Roxy member Randy Bishop on vocals, Bill 'Kootch' Trochim on bass and keyboards, guitarist Michael Stull and drummer Spencer Earnshaw made up the original group. Elektra released their debut Wackering Heights, which included session saxophonist Jack Schaeffer. Following the success of the tracks "Travelin' Time" and "Body Go Round", the band toured Canada and the US. The next year (1972), the band moved to Montreal, Canada around the time that they released their sophomore LP Hot Wacks. The album, recorded at Andre Perry Studios, featured "I Hardly Know Her Name" and a cover of John Lennon's "Oh My Love". Most of side two of the album was the six-song "Time Will Carry On" suite which reminded the listener of side two of The Beatle's "Abbey Road. Many references to the Hot Wacks LP erroneously refer to songs that do not appear on any Wackers LPs including "Windy Days", "I Got My Friends" and remakes of "New York City" and "Rock and Roll Circus", which were songs from the Roxy album in 1970. The third album, Shredder, was released in 1973 and featured "Day and Night" (a chart single), "Beach Song" and "Last Dance".
Despite Michael Stull leaving the group shortly after the move to Montreal, and April Wine drummer Jerry Mercer and guitarist JP Lauzon playing on several of the "Shredder" tracks, Segarini, Trochim, Bishop and Earnshaw went on to record an unreleased fourth album, "Wack 'n' Roll." Soon after, Earnshaw returned to California and Randy Bishop began a solo career. The Wackers soldiered on for a time with new additions Leon Holt, Norman Vosko and Wayne Cullen and released one single on Polydor Records, "All I Want To Do Is Love You." Segarini, Trochim and Cullen would then form The Dudes, with original April Wine members David and Ritchie Henman, and future April Wine guitarist Brian Greenway for one album. Bob Segarini went on to enjoy a criticaly aclaimed solo career and later ventured into TV and Radio broadcasting.


1. I Hardly Know Her Name
2. We Can Be
3. Oh My Love
4. Wait And See
5. Do You Know The Reason
6. Breathe Easy
7. Time Will Carry On
8. Maybe Tomorrow
9. Hot Wacks
10. Anytime / Anyday
11. Find Your Own Way
12. Time Will Carry On (Won't It)

Robert Segarini - percussion, vocal, guitars
William ''Kootch'' Trochim - bass, vocal, guitars
N. Randy Bishop - guitars,vocal, keyboards
Michael ''Two Foot'' Stull - guitars,vocal, keyboards
Spencer T. "Ernie" Earnshaw - drums, vocals



hanalex said...

Pass: hanalex

VaTAga said...

Хорошая группа. Правда, я её диски ещё не приобретал, есть три альбома в виде файлов на компе. Я-то думал, что Вам по вкусу более жёсткая музыка.

DanP said...

"...a cover of John Lennon's "Oh My Love". Most of side two of the album was the six-song "Time Will Carry On" suite which reminded the listener of side two of The Beatle's Abbey Road..." OK, I'm on board, thanks, and happy holidays!

hanalex said...

Вы правы, я люблю хард-рок, но все хорошо в меру... Кстати, а в каком формате у Вас SHREDDER (1973)? В lossless что-то не найду никак...

VaTAga said...

К сожалению, Shredder у меня неказистый - 320. Причём я до сих пор альбом как следует не послушал...

hanalex said...

Думаю, найдем и в качестве. Какие наши годы :-)


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