Jan 23, 2012

Amulet - Amulet (1979)

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Long-haired guitar rawk from the obscure Midwestern band known as Amulet, circa 1980. Reissued for your hessian pleasure by Monster Records, alongside the likes of Ultra, Full Moon, and Truth And Janey. Amulet started off in '78 as a cover band doing stuff by ZZ Top, Van Halen, Hendrix, UFO and suchlike. Though a popular local concert draw, they still barely managed to save enough dough to record and self-release this album in 1980. No money for overdubs, so it's got that live feel, appropriate for their party hardy high power hard rock format.
1. Just Like A Woman
2. Sea Of Fear
3. Do You Live Again
4. Kings & Queens
5. Person To Person
6. Funk 'n' Punk
7. Gemini
8. Life Is Living
9. New Day

Bob Becker - guitar, vocals
John Becker - drums, vocals
Cliff Hill - vocals, guitar (12 string acoustic)
Paul Skelton - bass guitar, vocals



space88 said...

Strong Album+Band!thanks Hannalex!!

Tellurian said...

Thank you so much - it's a treat to come across these great albums that I never knew existed!